Czy mówiłam wam?

Have I Told You?

comedy about self-love  //  comfort movie

Julka is 29 years old. She has always thought that at this age she would already be a well-known actress. A few years ago, she starred in a mega-popular film by a well-known jutuber 'Girl vs diet'. She was famous for a while, but that moment passed. Now, the residues of her former popularity make it easier for her to score more one-night stands, with which she drowns out her loneliness. She works in a nursing home for actors and is envious of her pupils' brilliant careers. At her high school's alumni reunion, she fools everyone into thinking that she is a successful actress and that she is starring in films that they will soon hear about. It turns out that Staszek, with whom she was once in love, is divorcing. Julka desperately wants to feel valuable and loved again. She decides to play in front of Staszek and pretend to be 'a successful woman who is in control of her life, who is growin and who doesn't want to kill herself.

Director: Martin Stankiewicz

Writers: Martin Stankiewicz • Laura Nadolska • Julia Murach • Artur Wyrzykowski